By: John Elder

I built ElderAcademy.com to teach people Internet Marketing through a series of courses built around videos, pdf text books, and hands-on help.

The site is basically a membership site, where people can sign up for specific courses and then log into the site to view the courses (made up of videos). Courses range from three to six hours in length.

So far I’ve published courses on:

  • Publishing Kindle eBooks
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PHP Programming for Affiliate Marketers
  • Building Thin Affiliate Websites
  • Creating a WordPress Blog

We’re currently working on several more to go along with those. So far feedback has been universally positive. Students really seem to enjoy our unique teaching format as well as the content in general.

The membership site was designed and developed totally in house by me. I developed a unique wordpress theme to manage the membership aspects of the site and we stream the course videos directly from Amazon S3 in high quality MP4 format.

Currently we have just under 200 students enrolled in courses and hope to soon reach 500.