By: John Elder is a simple wordpress site that I built in connection with my “Blog Bootcamp” course over at that teaches absolute beginners how to start their own blog.

The website is a simple tutorial site with six or seven pages; each page being a simple tutorial on some aspect of starting your own blog. At the bottom of each page is a link to my “Blog Bootcamp” video course at Elder Academy.

The site has a two-fold purpose:

First, I actually used screen-cast software to record the making of the site itself for my “Blog Bootcamp” course as an example of how to build a blog. So the site is actually a working example that students can take a look at.

Second, it’s a functional site that may gain some random search engine traffic and point people towards the paid course at

The tutorial pages of the site were written VERY quickly and not a lot of effort was put into them. So they have a very simple feel to them. But all in all the site serves it’s two purposes pretty well.