By: John Elder is my repository of Search Engine Optimization knowledge. I’ve been involved with SEO since late 1996 and is basically where I talk about it.

The blog mainly consists of SEO articles that teach people the basics of SEO. I do go into some slightly more advanced topics, but mainly I like to stick to the basics because (unlike more advanced topics), they never change.

Today the site still exists, but I’ve not actively supported it in a while. I wrote around 60 blog posts from start to finish, and they’re all still there. Most of the info is still relevant as it was geared towards the very basics of SEO.

Recently I wrote a book on SEO called “SEO Optimization” that’s available in Kindle and Paperback from and I promote the book through the site.

I’ve also recently recorded and published a video course on SEO over at

And I also promote that course through Basically the courses is about 15 videos in length and about three hours long and teaches the basics of SEO from A to Z.