By: John Elder

YouLookGoodTogether.comRecently I created a project called You Look Good Together! ( which is a dating/gaming website that matches people based solely on their looks.

And all the matches are done by other people, namely our website visitors. It’s the worlds first crowdsourced matchmaking website and it’s a lot of fun!

Basically you just upload a picture, tell us how far away you’re willing to go to meet someone, then we start flashing your picture up on the site with other people from your geographical region.

Then our site visitors vote (yes/no) whether or not you look good with the people we’ve randomly shown you with. If enough people vote “yes”, they our system will contact both of you and allow you the opportunity to chat online to determine if you’d like to meet.

We formed a new corporation for this project called Introz, Inc. (

I’ll be sure to write all about it throughout, right here…